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Welcome to Little Lotus, a Korean first birthday, (doljanchi or dol) party planning guide. The Korean first birthday is an important Korean baby tradition. Little Lotus connects moms with ideas, information and vendors. Find inspiration for doljabi raffles, pretty dol towers, dolsang table decorations, first birthday cakes, party favor ideas and more. We are here to guide you on your dol party planning way!

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Spotlight | All About Cakes
November is all about Korean first birthday cakes. Learn about smash cakes, buttercream vs. fondant, how much cake to order and more!

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Real Parties | Izzy's Hello Kitty Party
Izzy celebrates her Korean 1st birthday party with a Hello Kitty dohl party theme.

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korean 1st birthday dohl party robots Favorites | Nathan's Robot First Birthday Party
Eunice of Sage Event Planning created a wonderful and fun robot themed party for birthday baby boy Nathan. We love the colors and the robots appearance in every aspect of the party decor from the custom dol tower, to the party hats, to the desserts!


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